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Video & DVD Production Wrexham & Chester | 01978 350122

With VHS soon to become obsolete we can transfer all types of VIDEO to DVD.

We convert all types of Video / Camcorder tape to DVD, USB Sticks or your supplied hard drive.

We are the areas leading specialist in transferring and converting all types of media since 1996 with a reputation for providing a high quality and friendly service.

Video tapes that we can convert: VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Mini DV, 8mm and Hi8 Camcorder tapes. With prices starting from just £10.95 along with the personal touch of bringing your tapes to the office you know exactly who has them and where they will be at all times.  By Appointment Only - Call us on 01978 350122

Quantity Supplied in PVC Wallet USB Pen Drive
One Tape £11.95 £19.95
Two Tapes £23.90 Total  £31.90 Total
Three Tapes £35.85 Total  £48.85 Total
Four Tapes £47.80 Total  £61.80 Total
Five or More £10.95 per tape Contact for prices
 ** ** See Note Below  ** **
DVD Case £1.00 per DVD  
Back Up Copy
 £2.00 per DVD £6.00 per USB
 Repair broken tape  £10.00 per splice
 Standards Conversion  £15.00 per tape


** **The above transfer prices apply to a maximum length of 3 hours: Transfers over 3 hours will be charged £5.00 extra per hour.

Get your video tapes converted before they disappear forever.

DVD menu with automatic chapter points
Printed Disk
DVD case with printed insert (optional)

Video Production Portfolio

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  • Universal Assist Video

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