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Are you looking to convert video and camcorder tapes to DVD or USB?

We can transfer VHS video tape, SVHS and VHS-C tapes along with camcorder tapes in all formats - 8mm - Hi8 - Digital8. Transferred to DVD or USB in the digital Mp4 format.

We understand that your tapes hold very precious memories, ones that cannot be replaced, ever.  Your VHS video tapes or camcorder tapes are transferred here and not sent off to a third party company, assuring you of a very personal and professional service.

Tapes to DVD £13.00 each

We will convert your tape to a DVD with a menu and play button (maximum of 3 hours of footage).
The disc is printed and supplied in a DVD case.
Any tapes longer than 3 hours are charged at £5.00 per extra hour.
Discount for 5 tapes or more.


Tapes to Mp4/USB £13.00 plus cost of USB Stick £10.00

We can transfer your tape to a digital Mp4 file and then copy to a USB stick.
You can get multiple tapes on to one stick so you do not need to purchase USB stick for every tape.
The memory stick can be played on computers and most modern Smart TV's and there is a discount for 5 tapes or more.


Tapes to Mp4 - Free Upload to Cloud £13.00

We can convert your tape to a digital file and then upload to We-transfer.
You will then receive an email link to download to your computer.
The files can be large so a good internet connection is preferred and it is not recommended to download to your phone or i-Pad.
The link can be shared with your family and its available for 1 month and there is a discount for 5 tapes or more.


Both Formats £19.50 per tape plus cost of USB

Sometimes both formats are required, DVD and a digital file on USB.
This is not a problem and its just 50% extra on the cost of a transfer.
Plus the cost of USB stick £10.00

Extra DVD Copies
Extra USB Copies

Get your video tapes converted before they disappear forever

...dont let your memories fade away

Clean Mould/Fungus Growth £10.00

Carefully clean and remove the mould / fungus growth.
We have had great success with this although saving all of the video footage is not guaranteed.
Once cleaned we then transfer and convert to either DVD or Mp4 digital file.


Repair Damaged / Splice Tapes £5.00

Tapes often get damaged, usually by a customer trying to play the tape in a VCR that has not been used for a while.
The tape sticks to the play head and crinkles and probably snaps. Sometimes the video cassette is broken or smashed, not a problem, we'll put it into a new shell.
We then transfer and convert to either DVD or Mp4 digital file.


All video transfers pass through a timebase corrector to give the best possible image and our bank of VCR playback machines are serviced regularly ensuring your tapes do not get damaged. This is why we specialise in converting all the video formats like VHS and camcorder tapes to DVD or USB.

Even if your tapes are showing signs of mould growth or the tape has snapped, we can fix this. Mould or fungus growth has become a major concern, more tapes are arriving with this problem and although not always a total disaster it can damage your video memories. This can be caused by leaving your video tapes in the attic or outside shed, the drastic changes in temperatures over the year allows the spores to grow.

Based in Wrexham we cover Chester, North Wales, Shropshire and the UK, we can also accept tapes via the post if you cannot deliver in person. Phone now to make an appointment or to arrange posting your VHS or camcorder tapes to us.

Tape formats we transfer VHS - VHS-C - 8mm  Camcorder  Tape - Hi8 Camcorder Tape - Digital 8 - Mini DV - Full Size DV - 8cm DVD RAM Discs - DVCAM and Beta SP

To Convert Your Videos to DVD or Digital Mp4

Call 01978 350122

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why isn't your address on the website?
A: It's by appointment only, simply call 01978 350122 or use the contact page to arrange a time.

Q: How long will this service take?
A: It takes between 7 to 14 days, sometimes sooner. If you need it ASAP give us a call, lets see if we can help.

Q: What does it cost to transfer / convert my video tape to DVD or a digital file?
A: Prices are on the website but if your not sure or need advice please give us a call.

Q: The video is very precious to me, can i hand it over to you in person?
A: Of course you can. You need to make an appointment first to arrange a day & time.

Q: Can I order more than one copy?
A: Yes you can and extra copies will be available for three weeks after.

Q: Will my order be safe?
A: Yes, your VHS or camcorder tapes never leave the studio and is not outsourced to other companies.

Q: Do you edit the footage?
A: We don't edit the footage, its a straight copy from your video tape but we do scan through looking for bits of no signal.

Q: Can you provide a DVD and USB memory stick?
A: Yes, we can supply the  video transfer on a USB stick as well as a DVD at an extra cost.

Q: Can I post my VHS or camcorder tapes to you?
A: You can. Just ring on 01978 350122 or use the contact page to find out the address.  Make sure to include your contact details and package them safely then let us know that you have posted the films.

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