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Video to DVD & Digital Transfer


M. C. Video are the Video to DVD and Digital file transfer specialists and we understand that your tapes hold very precious memories, ones that cannot be replaced, ever.
All video transfers pass through a timebase corrector to give the best possible image and our bank of VCR playback machines are serviced regulary ensuring your tapes do not get damaged.

Formats we transfer VHS - VHS-C - 8mm  Camcorder  Tape - Hi8 Camcorder Tape - Digital 8 - Mini DV.


Transfer to DVD
in wallet (max 3 hours)
Transfer to DVD
in DVD case (max 3 hours)
Extra DVD Copies
Wallet / Case
£4.00 / £5.00
Transfer to Mp4
Digital Download or You Supply USB Stick
£12.00 per Tape
Transfer to Mp4
Also available on USB stick
Price on request

Cine Film Transfer

Cine Film Transfer

Transfer your cine film to DVD or Digital Mp4 and relive all those childhood memories.
No need to worry about where your cine film will be, it never leaves the studio.
All cine film cleaned before transfer and all cine film is returned.

AmountDVD or *Mp4Both Formats
50 foot£15.00Add £10.00
Extra 50ft Reels£6.00Add £10.00
200ft Reel£22.50Add £10.00
400ft Reel£45.00Add £10.00
Extra DVD Copies£10.00 *Plus cost of USB

Work out how many reels you have

Get your video tapes converted before they disappear forever

...dont let your memories fade away

CD/DVD Duplication

QTY Duplication Text Colour


10+ £2.50 +28p +70p +75p +12p
25+ £1.82 +28p +70p +75p +12p
50+ £1.50 +28p +65p +75p +12p
100+ £1.38 +28p +60p +75p +12p
200 £1.30 +28p +60p +75p +12p

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