Cine Film Transfer to DVD or Digital Mp4

Cine Film Transfer

Transfer your cine film to DVD or Digital Mp4 and relive all those childhood memories. We can digitise your precious cine films making them easy to watch, share with family and friends and in a format that will be safe for the next generation to view.

Cine Film Reel Sizes - 8mm & Super 8


Prices for cine film transfer

AmountDVD or *Mp4Both Formats
1 x 50 foot (min order)£15.00Add 50%
Extra 50ft Reels£6.00Add 50%
100ft Reel£21.00Add 50%
200ft Reel£24.00Add 50%
300ft Reel£29.00Add 50%
400ft Reel£39.00Add 50%
Extra DVD Copies£10.00 *Plus cost of USB
Discount available for orders over 1,000ft

Cine Film Transfer to USB

Your cine film is converted to a digital file and supplied on a single USB memory stick.
This can be viewed on your PC or Mac and most modern TV's.


Cine Film Transfer to Cloud

We convert your cine film to a digital file and upload to the cloud via WeTransfer. A link is emailed to you which allows you to download the video files to your computer and you can share the link with family and friends.


Cine Film Transfer to DVD

Your cine film is converted onto a single DVD and a description will be printed on the disc.
It is supplied in a printed DVD case and will work in any DVD player and disc drive.


WATCH video to see what reels you have!

Cine Film Transfer to Digital

To Convert Your Cine Film

Call 01978 350122

Convert 8mm Cine Film to DVD, USB Stick or Cloud

What to do next:
1: Work out how many reels and their sizes (50ft, 200ft, 400ft).
2: If required, carefully number the reels in the order you want them transferred.
3: Phone to confirm cost and time/date to personally deliver.
4: If posting, package your cine film safely and let us know when you do.
5: Still not sure, give us a call. Let us help you save those films.

No need to worry about where your cine film will be, it never leaves the studio. All cine film is cleaned before transfer and all cine film is returned if required.

Transferring cine film for over thirty years

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why isn't your address on the website?
A: It's by appointment only, simply call 01978 350122 or use the contact page to arrange a time.

Q: How long will this service take?
A: It takes between 7 to 14 days, sometimes sooner. If you need it ASAP give us a call, lets see if we can help.

Q: What does it cost to transfer / convert my cine film to DVD or a digital file?
A: Prices are on the website but if your not sure or need advice please give us a call.

Q: The cine film is very precious to me, can i hand it over to you in person?
A: Of course you can. You need to make an appointment first to arrange a day & time.

Q: Can I order more than one copy?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Will my order be safe?
A: Yes, your cine film never leaves the studio and is not outsourced to other companies.

Q: Does your 8mm / Super 8mm transfer service include music?
A: If you want music just let us know, we only use copyright free music.

Q: Can you provide a DVD and USB memory stick?
A: Yes, we can supply the cine film on a USB stick as well as a DVD at an extra cost.

Q: Can I post my cine film to you?
A: You can. Just ring on 01978 350122 or use the contact page to find out the address. Let us know that you have posted the films and make sure to package them safely.

Get your cine film converted...

dont let your memories fade away

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